dozsa & van dalfsen

iinn, Sustainable Beauty Singel 188, built by Elmers Bouw and others, interior

-hair and beauty salon-

design of exterior façade and interior façade, the exterior façade can stay open for a good view on the space inside

front part of the interior for product advice, high wall with backlit round the mirrors, mirrors intertwined with shelving

view to the front with waiting area consisting of high tables with bend steel bases and barstools

view of the front part interior with light and natural finishing, shelving turns lighter and more transparent towards the high ceiling

front part interior with 3 beauty treatment and product advice places, products are placed on the shelves around the mirrors

functional corner (pc, checkout, coffee machine) in a wall with presentation niches and entrances to the bathroom and the wardrobe

clean and light product advice space next to a contrasting warm weathered monumental hairdressing area

view through the hairdressing area below the monumental beams onto the coloring and hair wash area

hairdressing area with double sided mirrors hanging from the monumental beams, with functional blocks beneath

view on the hairdressing area flanked by wall shelving in thick oak providing a warm atmosphere

hairdressing area with a view on the high ceiling, lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling between the beams

round color bar in a white area to advice on and prepare hair dye

glass washbasin on a Corian topped color bar with a view on make-up dashboard

hair dying and drying seat near the color bar

make-up dashboard

hair washing units in the back of the space

spa room for body and facial treatments, finished in relaxing warm colors

spa room for body and facial treatments, finished in relaxing warm colors

detail floortiles and wall shelving in thick oak with rusted steel shelves treated with colored linseed oil